Black Mountain View Farm Rescue is a non-profit organisation funded by donors and adoption fees, We maintain the Rescue by volunteers and also with Sponsors. Our sponsors help us keep our Horses warm, safe and fed. It costs us Thousands of dollars each month to Feed and care for all of our Rescues. Every bill from the Electric, The Farrier, The Feed, all have to be accounted for and add up quickly. All money raised helps us to provide the best care for these wonderful animals. Our staff is all volunteer based, all funds go directly to the care for the horses.

Sponsors can be setup for monthly or one time donations. Continuous Sponsorship can run until a horse is adopted or as long as you feel capable of Sponsoring.

One time donations are also a great help with day to day costs.

We have 4 Basic levels Of Monthly Sponsorship’s:

  • Platinum Sponsor: $200/month covers feed, shelter, vet and farrier

  • Gold Sponsor: $150/month covers feed, shelter, and basic vet care

  • Silver Sponsor: $100/month covers grain and partial hay needs

  • Bronze Sponsor: $50/month covers grain only

Do you want to spend some time with the Horse you have sponsored? Get in touch with us make a appointment and come spend the day.
Visitors are always welcome just let us know ahead of time.

Would you like to Sponsor a Particular Horse?

We have many horses that will be in our care for extended periods of time. We have a PayPal link on this page that you can use and put in the comments which horse you would like to sponsor, just Choose the amount and if you want it to be an automatic payment every month or if you prefer a one time sponsor.We will contact you via email quickly to confirm your choice and that we received your sponsorship. If you you agree we will post your name as a sponsor of the Horse and a thank you on the page.

If you prefer you can always mail a Sponsor donation to us via the Resuce:

Black Mountain View Farm
11819 Whates Lane
Thurmont, Md 21788